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Easter Chocolate Piñata

After the positive feedback about the chocolate shell in the Giant Chocolate Cupcake, I felt challenged to make a complete cupcake out of chocolate.
Opportunity presented itself with our eldest son’s birthday party. Since the celebration (on a Mexican theme) was being organised by our son’s partner, and she already had the the main courses in hand, I offered to make the sweet courses.
Perfect for my cupcake chocolate shell – a piñata filled with chocolate goodies and everybody can join in breaking it open. For kids and adults alike, it does make a fun centre piece for a celebration.
Our son’s birthday usually falls around Easter time, so I was able to get some teeny Easter chocolates (to fill the piñata) from our local French supermarket.
Unpacking everything brought from the UK, sorting out the Kitchen Shed and preparing the bus to live in again here in Brittany meant I was pushed for time so I wasn’t able to decorate the chocolate shell – I think next time I will stick some white chocolate buttons or smarties on the piñata.


  • You will need a giant cupcake silicone mould (or similar)
  • 400g chocolate (I used a 50/50 mix of milk & dark)
  • Sweet treats of your choice for filling


Making your cupcake chocolate shell

  • Melt your chocolate. I melt mine in the microwave with thirty second bursts and a stir in between. I stop when I can still see very small pieces of chocolate and then I continue to stir until all the chocolate has completely melted.
  • If you prefer, use the bowl over hot water method to melt your chocolate.
  • Paint the first layer of chocolate on the inside of your cupcake mould, ensuring it is well covered.
  • Wait for it to set before applying two more coats.
  • Gently reheat the melted chocolate before applying each layer to your mould.
  • I placed the shell in the fridge to set but this does take the shine off your finished shell, so if you have time, let it set in a cool place.
  • When completely set, carefully peel off your mould. This was very easy to do as my chocolate shell was fairly thick.
  • Fill the bottom half of the shell with sweet treats of your choice.
  • Melt a little chocolate and use to join together the two halves of the cupcake.
  • Decorate with white chocolate buttons or smarties if you wish.

I’m entering this post into three Easter challenges this month. Although piñata isn’t strictly an Easter treat I have filled it with Easter chocolate goodies 🙂
Nayna at Simply Sensational Food; Rachel at Chocolate Log Blog; Rachel at Dolly Bakes.

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8 thoughts on “Easter Chocolate Piñata”

  • This is such an ingenious idea – a real high impact centre piece for any event that people can interact with and share. I love that you could adapt the idea for any event; I hear that “candy bars” (like a buffet of sweeties and chocolates) are all the rage at weddings right now so this would fit in perfectly there. Fingers crossed for your challenge entries!

  • What can I say but oh wow! I love this idea, how clever of you and it looks stunning too. It makes for a perfect centrepiece for a party. Thinking at Christmas you could fill it with chocolate coins. Thanks for entering this into WSC. Happy Easter and enjoy your time in France.

    • You’re welcome and thanks. It was fun making the Piñata and it’s a lovely idea to fill it with chocolate coins at Christmas, I’ve put it on my Christmas list!

  • How cool! I have a huge cupcake pan too and I’ve never thought of doing this. I’m a new follower, I saw someone RT’d ya on Twitter. Your blog is great!

    • Thanks for following and glad you like the blog, it’s nice to know someone out there is reading it and even better if they try the recipes. Hope you get to try out the Piñata.

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