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SarahJamesHi, I’m Sarah and welcome to my blog.
Sharing my favourite bakes, cakes and seasonal recipes from the Kitchen Shed is a great pleasure for me
and I hope you’ll have a nose around to see what I’ve been up to.
As a PR friendly blog I’m happy to review or test products and ingredients related to baking, seasonal cooking or slow cooking.


Sarah James is an experienced home cook, now sharing her time between England and France after spending seven exciting and challenging years living in a caravan, a collection of sheds and a “magic bus” in a tiny hamlet in Southern Brittany. Growing and cooking food for family and large groups of visitors in France, Sarah remains the “hands on” provider she was in her native England.
Whilst abroad, Sarah’s English cooking has proved popular with French and English alike, selling home-made produce at food markets and providing cakes to a local French owned restaurant. Sarah was particularly pleased when a French pâtissier, having visited her stall at a Christmas market, asked for a copy of her Pumpkin Pie recipe.
Sarah’s paternal grandfather was a Master Baker but as he died when Sarah’s father was a young child, Sarah never met him and her father’s memories of “Bert” are limited. The “debate” rumbles on concerning the influence of genetics in Sarah’s curiosity and talent for all things baking.

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