Soft Bread Rolls – “Ted’s Rolls”

Pillowy Soft Bread Rolls with pull apart edges, guaranteed soft & fluffy every time. With easy step by step instructions!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will already have seen photos of these soft bread rolls, with some people requesting the recipe on more than one occasion. So this post begins with an apology for being late – it’s been on my to do list since the beginning of the year, so, sorry Tweeps.

I started making bread on a regular basis about ten years ago in preparation for our new venture in France, where we planned to live off the land and cook as much of our own food as possible. Make your own bread in France I hear you say ? Although we love French bread and when at the local market I do pick up a lovely crusty pain from our favourite boulangerie, there was an issue. Working as we did, there wasn’t enough time to go into the local village every day for bread whereas making bread at home ran alongside other jobs.

The recipe for the dough is my basic bread dough recipe which has been tweaked and changed during the last ten years but the soft bread rolls came into existence when my father-in-law, Ted, became ill. Ted loved my crusty bread loaves and whenever we made a trip back to the UK I would bake as many loaves as I could for him; after we moved permanently back to the UK, Ted was pleased to have even fresher bread delivered to his door. Unfortunately, there came a time when Ted was too ill to eat a crusty loaf and as he needed softer bread my sister-in-law bought him some rolls from Tesco. After a few trials and errors with oven timings and temperature I came up with my own version of soft bread rolls which became known in our family as Ted’s Rolls.

Tips for making  Soft bread rolls

  • THE WINDOW PANE TEST is a consistently reliable way to check your dough is ready. Pinch off a small piece of dough and gently stretch it apart, pulling and rotating the dough into a thin membrane, or window pane, which is translucent when you hold it up to the light.
  • Leave no more than 2½ cm (1 inch) between each dough ball and you will end up with the rolls touching each other – this will keep them nice and soft.

I make these soft bread rolls almost every day – they are easy to make and they freeze very well. My nephews (grown-up) had a great day learning how to make these bread rolls and even though they’d never made bread before, they still found time to make a crumble and play a football match whilst producing a batch of lovely soft bread rolls. It was such a fun day baking with my nephews as we experimented with kneading methods – our favourite was throwing the bread GBBO style which definitely did a good job of stretching the dough.

Here’s the recipe in quick printable format so you can have it to hand while you try it out.

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Soft Bread Rolls - "Ted's Rolls"
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Pillowy Soft Bread Rolls with pull apart edges, guaranteed soft & fluffy every time. With easy step by step instructions!
Recipe type: Bread
Cuisine: Baking
Serves: 16 to 18
  • 1 kg (7¼ cups) strong white bread flour
  • 3 teaspoons sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 2 teaspoons instant yeast (we use Dove’s Farm)
  • 8 tablespoons rapeseed oil
  • Approximately 600 ml (2½ cups) tepid water
  1. Mix the flour, salt, sugar and yeast in a large bowl and make a well in the centre.
  2. Add the oil and a little water. Mix well adding a little water at a time until you have formed a ball of dough.
  3. Transfer to a floured surface and knead for 10 to 12 minutes. Check your dough is ready by using the windowpane test.
  4. Place your dough in a large greased bowl and cover. Leave to rest in a warm place for at least one and a half hours or until doubled in size.
  5. Transfer the dough to a floured work surface and divide into 90 g portions, 16 to 18 balls. I like to weigh them to make sure they get an even bake but you can divide into 16 or 18 equal portions by eye if you prefer.
  6. Shape into balls, cupping in your hands and place them on a large baking sheet about 2½ cm (1 inch) apart. Gently press the balls of dough to flatten them a little.
  7. Cover with greased clingfilm/plastic wrap or a damp tea towel and leave to rise in a warm place for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
  8. Preheat your oven to 400°F / 200°C / Gas Mark 6.
  9. Place in the oven for approximately 25 minutes, checking halfway through the cooking time and turning the baking sheet around if some rolls are browning too quickly.
  10. Place on a baking rack to cool. Wait until cool before breaking apart.
The dough can easily be made using a Kitchen Aid with a dough hook fitted:
Add flour, salt, sugar and yeast to the mixing bowl, make a well and add the oil and half the water.
Mix on slow speed number 1 for 1 to 2 minutes.
Add the rest of the water and mix on number 2 speed for 8 to 10 minutes.


Love bread making?

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These soft bread rolls are great with soup or filled with your favourite sandwich filling and enjoyed for lunch. Now the BBQ season is on its way, bake them as the bun for your favourite beef burger or fill with pulled pork … and they make a great chip butty !

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Pillowy Soft Bread Rolls with pull apart edges, guaranteed soft & fluffy every time. With easy step by step instructions!


Pillowy Soft Bread Rolls with pull apart edges, guaranteed soft & fluffy every time. With easy step by step instructions!Pillowy Soft Bread Rolls with pull apart edges, guaranteed soft & fluffy every time. With easy step by step instructions!Pillowy Soft Bread Rolls with pull apart edges, guaranteed soft & fluffy every time. With easy step by step instructions!Everyday Bread Rolls, Ted's Rolls| | Sarah James

99 thoughts on “Soft Bread Rolls – “Ted’s Rolls””

  • Found you on instagram ☺️ followed the recipe, they were deliciously soft and made gorgeous sausage butties yum …will be using this recipe forever now Ted’s rolls 👍

    • Thanks Dawn, happy you’ve found me on IG and even happier you’ll be using my Ted’s Rolls recipe forever 🙂

  • Can you make soft crust bread rolls in a fan oven as I have read fan ovens aren’t great for these thank

    • Hello Gail, thanks for getting in touch. I bake mine in a fan oven, just bake them 10 or 20 degrees lower than the 200 depending on how hot your oven runs. I tend to find 20 degrees less works well for me. Another tip you could try to ensure really soft rolls is to place a teatowel over the rolls when they come out of the oven.

  • I love this recipe. I’ve tried a few “soft” bread roll recipes in the past and been disappointed. Your recipe is absolutely perfect and we love them in this house! Especially with this lockdown, I have taken to baking our own bread as we don’t want to leave the house for anything. I can safely say, we will never go back to store bought bread after this. Thank you for sharing!

  • Today is my second time making these, the first batch went very quickly!

    I cook a lot in the home, including making all our flour tortillas and flatbreads, but have never really attempted buns (or any recipe that needed yeast!), mainly due to how easily available they are in the shops!

    We are currently on lockdown, so attempted to make these, and I don’t think we will ever be going back to shop bought! So easy and delicious, thank you!

  • I normally do a wholemeal mix but we were BBQing a couple of burgers tonight and I just fancied a soft white bun for a change… These worked absolutely perfectly, thank you 🙂 x

  • Hi Sarahj I am confused you use 2 teaspoons of yeast to a kilo of flour in Teds soft rolls recipe but also 2 teaspoons of yeast to half a kilo of flour in your mini rolls recipe. Is this correct

  • Dear Sarah, I loved your recipe the smell and taste is great but unfortunately it did not come out as fluffy as on your photo. the water temperature was 40 degrees celsius, is it right? and also the the bottom of the bread was a little bit solid. I have used olive oil (extra virgin) because in our country we do not have rapeseed oil, can this be the reason? thanks in advance :))

    • Thanks Miriam, 40 degrees celsius is slightly higher than i would recommend. Ideally it should be body temperature, 37 degrees C.
      I’ve not baked my rolls with extra virgin olive oil so I’m not sure whether or not this would have an effect on the bread but I have had good results with sunflower oil – maybe you could try sunflower if it’s available.
      I’m wondering if the bread dough needed more kneading time, did you try the windowpane test?
      Or maybe the bread needed more time on the second prove?
      I’ve got a post on Bread Making tips that you might find useful . I’m sorry my reply is late as I am busy with my homemade marshmallow business and haven’t had time to check my food blog. I will check for your reply over the next few days, hope this helps 🙂

      • I haven’t made bread yet. I have just purchased a kitchenaid so was wondering if I could knead the bread in it as I’m not too sure how to knead by hand.

        • Hi Irene, your Kitchen Aid will make a great job of kneading your bread. There is a note at the bottom of the recipe with instructions for kneading in the Kitchen Aid. let me know how you get on.

  • For all of our affections for crusty artisan-style breads, there really is nothing like a tender roll. I can all but taste and smell these with my eyes. They look perfect!

    • Thanks Sarah, I always keep a batch of Ted’s Rolls in the freezer and take a couple out for Sunday dinner for OH.

    • Thanks for your kind comments Marie-Pierre and thank you for linking to my pitta breads. I’ll be popping over to your blog for your falafel recipe.

  • Although I don’t eat a lot of bread these rolls are making me drool! They look absolutely perfect. I love the window pane tip – I remember learning that in culinary school.

    • Thanks Leslie-Anne, I love the window pane test too, if your dough passes your bread won’t be a fail.

    • I’m not a fan of store bought burger buns either Jacquee. I can’t make enough Ted’s Rolls come BBQ season, whenever I’m invited to a BBQ I get a request to bring some with me. Mind you I don’t mind at all, my favourite thing to bake is bread 🙂

    • Thanks Elizabeth, Ted’s Rolls do make a great burger bun, I can’t make enough of them when it’s BBQ season.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with us and the story of your adventures in France and England. I do hope when I try this wonderful recipe I have success.

    • Thanks Fred & you’re most welcome, it’s a pleasure to share the recipe & my French adventures. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions when you try the recipe.

    • Thanks Gloria, I love filling the kitchen with the aroma of freshly baked bread, you really can’t beat it!

  • I love Ted’s Rolls, not just because they are so so soft, easy to make & delicious to eat, make large or wee rolls for any get together & you’ll be asked where you got them and then I tell them the amazing story and that alone is why I love Ted’s Rolls, Thank You Sarah for sharing x

    • Thanks Wilma, that really means a lot to me & the rest of our family. It really has been a pleasure to share Ted’s Rolls & the story behind them x

  • With the company we get, this is my go to recipe, for Sunday Tea time. Perfectly soft sandwich rolls every time. People arrive to the smell of freshly baked rolls and can’t believe how soft they are.
    I’ve bookmarked the recipe for future reference.

    • Thanks for taking the time to review Ted’s Rolls Rob and for the five stars. I look forward to seeing your Ted’s Rolls photos on Twitter & Facebook each week. I’m happy to hear your guests enjoy Ted’s Rolls as much as we do.

    • Thanks for your kind comment Andy, pleased to hear you’re still enjoying making Ted’s Rolls 🙂

  • These look so good! I love home made bread when it’s still warm with a little butter – I am hungry now lol!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

    • Thanks Debbie, you can’t beat homemade bread with a little butter! A pleasure to share with #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  • What a lovely story! And what lovely looking rolls. I’ve never baked soft rolls before so must add this to my ever-increasing list of must-try recipes. Also, haven’t had a chip butty for years and really fancy one now! Thanks for linking up to #CookBlogShare x

    • Thanks Mandy, hope you find time to try the recipe, you can’t beat soft rolls for a chip butty 🙂 Always a pleasure to link up with #CookBlogShare x

    • Thanks Sarah, once you start making your own bread you’ll be hooked. It’s worth it just for the aroma of freshly baked bread in your kitchen, your can’t beat it 🙂

    • Thank you for the fabulous Ted’s rolls recipe. I have just finished making my first batch. This was in response to my son who had a tooth extraction on Friday asking for white bread and not my usual brown with added seeds as he found the seeds were getting into the cavity ugh !!!They look and smell great he has tried one warm from the oven and given them 110% out if 100 . Ted’s story is very special and now imprinted along with the recipe in my brain, I will be making them regularly in the future . I intend trying them as Cornish splits tomorrow with homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream , thank you do much for sharing such a wonderful memory and recipe 🧜🧜🧜

      • Thanks so much for your heartfelt comment, I think I feel as emotional now as I did when I first wrote Ted’s Rolls Post. It really does mean a lot to all of us that people who we haven’t met make our family’s Ted’s Rolls. I bet they’ll work really well as Cornish Splits, do let me know how you get on.

  • Love the sound of these – I do like crusty bread, but there’s something wonderful about a soft and squidgy soft roll too. And I know exactly what you mean about making bread in France – the only time when I have made bread a lot was when we lived in France. French bread is lovely but it just doesn’t keep at all, meaning you have to get it in fresh every day – fun when you are on holiday, but it soon loses its charm when you live there!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Eb x

    • Thanks Eb, pleased to hear I’m not on my own with making my own bread in France instead of buying it everyday. I felt slightly guilty but even my French neighbour’s enjoyed my bread. How long did you live in France for?

    • Thanks James, I’ve seen the photos of your Ted’s Rolls, they looked fab. So pleased your family enjoyed them.

  • I make lots of bread and was curious as to what a Teds roll was. So I googled and found these soft, fluffy, amazing bread rolls. As soon as I can I am going to make these. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful, if sad story and recipe. Sammie

    • Glad you googled Ted’s Rolls Sammie, it’s a pleasure to share the recipe & the story behind them. Look forward to hearing how you get on x

  • Well, next week, 8th July I will have been making these rolls every week for a year! I remember as my 2nd grandson was born, I was looking after my 1st and we made these!
    Lovely, best bread recipe I have, I adapt with different flours, seeds etc sometimes! So glad I found Teds Rolls. Thank you

    • You’re most welcome Allison. It’s a pleasure to share the recipe, it’s great to hear you’re still enjoying making #TedsRolls & experimenting with different flours & seeds too.

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    • Thanks for trying the recipe & happy to hear you enjoyed them. Pulled pork is my favourite filling, I bet they were delicious 🙂

  • I’ve made some today. I used a 7g packet of dried yeast. They’ve just come out of the oven. They don’t look as soft as yours and they’ve only just touched each other, but very pleased with my first attempt.
    Thanks for getting back to me on twitter. I’ll tag you in a photo later. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, glad to be of help. Your bread rolls looked fab Su, glad you enjoyed them with your pulled pork.

  • Sarah I love these rolls! Easy to make., versatile & adaptable. I make with malted flour or 50/50 sometimes. Works a treat.

    • Really pleased to see you adapting the recipe, I like to use oats & oatmeal & have you seen the Ted’s Rolls makeover on my bean burger post?

  • These rolls look perfect- soft and fluffy and delicious. I’ve only just started making my own bread and can’t understand why it’s taken me so long! I have bookmarked this recipe to try. Thanks for entering AlphaBakes.

    • You’re welcome & thank you Ros. Now you’ve started making bread you’ll be hooked, it’s so satisfying & therapeutic.

  • Really enjoyed making these…, and my husband say’s that they are the best rolls he has ever tasted! Thank you for sharing.

    • So glad you enjoyed making Ted’s Rolls Hayley & that they got your husband’s seal of approval. You’re most welcome, it’s been a pleasure to share the recipe.

  • These look totally amazing – I’ve never succeeded in making soft bread rolls yet! So I’ll definitely be giving them a whirl. Thanks for linking up with our lunchbox linky 🙂

    • Thanks, you’re right, fresh homemade bread is unbeatable – no flavour enhancers or E numbers to give a long shelf life.

  • These rolls are beautiful with a perfectly soft texture. I could eat about half-dozen on my own 😉 And I don’t think there’s any substitute for making your own bread…so delicious. Thanks so much for sharing with Made with Love Mondays and welcome to the series!

    • Thanks, you can’t beat making your own bread. I’m happy to share with Made with Love Mondays, I’m sure I’ll be sharing some more recipes.I enjoy cooking from scratch as much as I can.

  • Thank you thank you they are in the oven now and looking fab – been looking for a roll recipe for packed lunches and hopefully these will fit the bill perfectly

    • You’re welcome. They do look fab, just seen them on Twitter, so glad you like them & good to see your children have given them their seal of approval 🙂

  • These look great…perfect for BBQ season. We’ve been getting more adventurous with our BBQing, preparing our own marinades and making homemade chicken burgers so will definitely be giving these a go!

    • Homemade chicken burgers sound delicious, perfect filling for a bread roll. Look forward to seeing how you get on.

  • I have been drooling over your photos of these rolls on twitter! I need to try this and follow it exactly, anytime I make rolls they end up really hard. Love the sound of having with some pulled pork!

    • Thanks, saw your bread rolls on Twitter, they look delicious & soft. Enjoy your crispy bacon rolls for breakfast 🙂

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